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Time out in the Waldviertel
© Picture Karl Schweighofer jun.
Experience the authenticity of the Waldviertel
Where we are is up top, right at the top of the map in the north of Austria. And here, right at the top, there are dozens of holiday packages and great tourist attractions just waiting to be explored. On our stage nature is the main character. Those who like things pure and unspoiled have chosen the right place to come. There is no fussiness here, nothing artificial. What there is here has come about here, has grown, has developed. Bizarre rock formations, deeply entrenched rivers, clean air, enormous expanses of forest, fields of colourful poppies - the Waldviertel offers all of this and more besides.
Go on a hike and explore the sunny south, climb the highest mountains or explore the north by cycling through the Thaya Valley National Park, for example. Take a dip in the Kamp lakes or see what it would be like to be lord or lady of a castle for a few nights. Wonder at the enormous “moveable” boulders, enjoy the genuine taste of nature in the local delicacies, experience the power of nature and … quite simply indulge in the authenticity of this region.