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The Thaya Valley National Park

The National Park Region

The small region directly bordering the Czech Republic boasts a vast wealth of flora and fauna. The Podyji National Park lies directly opposite on the Czech side of the river. Several new border crossings have been opened up, some of which are reserved for pedestrians and cyclists.

The national park is named after the River Thaya which meanders through the peaceful countryside. For centuries the river has formed a natural border between Austria and Bohemia; numerous castles and fortifications line the border to this day. Hardegg, a sleepy little settlement numbering 80 inhabitants, is the smallest town in Austria.A breath of history Raabs Castle should not be missed. 

Geras Monastery is situated only a few kilometres to the south of Drosendorf. There is a children’s zoo in the nearby woodland park and aurochs graze in the rolling meadows. The “Reblausexpress” train, made up of vintage diesel locomotives and carriages, runs as far as Drosendorf on a local line.

Once in the region, one should not miss the opportunity of getting to know the River Thaya at first hand. One of the best ways of doing this is to take a canoe trip which takes the adventurer past rocky outcrops and luscious meadows, through dense woodland and over a number of weirs.

Shiny mother-of-pearl buttons and souvenirs made of shell are still produced by the „Perlmuttdrechslerei“ in the small village of Felling near Hardegg. Riegersburg Castle is just a stone’s throw from Hardegg. One last detour might take the visitor to Retz, a small wine town on the eastern slopes of the Waldviertel. Retz is proud of its extensive wine cellars which can be visited as part of a guided tour.

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