From a gentle and small body of water to a powerful natural spectacle

Lohnbachfall, a waterfall in the heart of the Waldviertel, is captivating for its setting in a romantic wilderness and for the soothing rush of water flowing by, some of it underground or barely visible.

Lohnbachfall is especially impressive during the annual snowmelt or after heavy rains. The stream reveals its full power at these times when the water is rushing down over the granite rocks and the waterfall is transformed into an imposing natural spectacle. But the waterfall also has a certain charm during the winter months, too, when everything has turned to ice.

This natural monument Lohnbachfall is on the upper reaches of Kleiner Kamp, a river on the border between the municipalities of Rappottenstein, Schönbach and Arbesbach. The ten minute walk from Schönbach to Lohnbachfall takes you through meadows and forests past many rock formations of the type so typical in the Waldviertel. The rushing of the water is particularly delightful when you hike upstream through the scenic Lohnbachfall ravine. In the upper reaches, gigantic granite boulders cover up most of the stream bed whereas in the lower steeper section the cool water plunges stepwise about eight meters to the riverbed below.

Lohnbachfall covers about 200 m in altitude and the alternating widths of the ravine underscore the romanticism of this wilderness landscape. Another interesting local feature is Steinere Stube (stone room). It is the largest washout along the waterfalls. According to local lore, this stone room has served as shelter for many a hiker.

You cross the stream over a small wooden bridge at Zellersteg on the upper part of the hiking trail where the water flows somewhat more tranquilly. After passing the mystical natural spectacle, you finally walk onward to Steinernes Bründl (stone fountain). The Schalenstein (cup-marked stone) is constantly filled with water. Legend has it that this cup mark is the footprint of the Virgin Mary and water from it is supposed to have curative powers.