Mountain Biking

You can look forward to a 2,000 kilometer system of paths and trails and 83 marked mountain biking routes.

The Waldviertel has the biggest system, so it is especially popular with mountain bikers. It is no wonder, really. The region has so much more scenic countryside than elsewhere.

People in the Waldviertel know how to whet the appetites of mountain bikers. The Waldviertel has everything a mountain biking region needs – hill and dale, woods and lanes, gravel and sand, rough and smooth. And that applies to more than just breathtaking scenery. Mountain biking here becomes an unforgettable experience when combined with local restaurants and biker-friendly hosts. You can find the best trails and spots for the Upper Waldviertel and South Bohemia in the "Fun Bike Trail" guides (from Verein Fun & Bike Oberes Waldviertel-Südböhmen). For several years now, they have been taking off with their guests on custom tours through the Waldviertel and over the Austrian-Czech border to South Bohemia – from easy ones for the whole family to adventurous ones, depending on the taste.

Granite Trail
One of the highlights is the demanding "Waldviertel granite trail" which starts in Gmünd and ends in Persenbeug. It is the perfect introduction for a tour of the Alps and, passing granite boulders and small streams on the way, takes the biker over a total distance of 150 km in three days. The difference in altitude amounts to 3,000 metres.

The landscape, hewn out of granite over millions of years to form the gentle hills characteristic of the Waldviertel, and the extensive forests to be found in this region  hallmark this "beginners' section" of the Alps tour.

The granite trail begins on the border to the Czech Republic in the very north of Austria, crosses the entire Waldviertel on sometimes very isolated tracks and finishes at the River Danube after a steep descent.

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Mountain Biking Trails

You can find a number of mountain biking tours to download in our interactive map online, complete with detailed tour descriptions, elevation profiles and GPS data.

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