Kremstal-Danube Long Distance Trail 13: Droß – Gföhl

Trekking trail from Droß, Municipal office to Gföhl, Hauptplatz

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Elevation profile

12,44 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Route: 12,44 km
  • Ascent: 412 egm
  • Descent: 218 egm
  • Duration: 3:00 h
  • Lowest point: 385 m
  • Highest point:590 m
  • Stage tour
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops
  • Cultural/historical value

Details for: Kremstal-Danube Long Distance Trail 13: Droß – Gföhl

Brief description

Quiet forests, tranquil forest paths and moving nature are the cornerstones of the hiking stage from Droß to Gföhl: A relaxed tour that feels like a holiday.


The Droß - Gföhl route starts directly in the centre of Droß and leads along idyllic forest and woodland paths to the Poberkreuz. It is possible to shorten the hike at this point and walk down to Senftenberg via Bannholz. However, the regular route continues towards the Duke's Table to the mighty granite boulders with incredible views: A picturesque view stretches here from the Kremstal to Göttweig Abbey and even far into the foothills of the Alps. Across the Hussite Cross, the hike finally leads to its destination in Gföhl. There, the baroque parish church of St. Andreas invites you to an impressive last stop and thus a fitting end to a relaxed hiking tour well worth seeing.

Starting point of the tour

Droß, Municipal office

Destination point of the tour

Gföhl, Hauptplatz

Route description Kremstal-Danube Long Distance Trail 13: Droß – Gföhl

Opposite the castle entrance in Droß we follow the street "Im Geißeck", the Föhrenteichstraße until we reach the Sportplatzstraße where we turn left. 100 m after that, continue to the right, past the sports facility to the north until you reach the forest. Here you can take a detour to the idyllic Föhrenteich (no bathing). The route itself continues straight ahead through the forest, where we already reach the Poberkreuz. It is possible to shorten the tour here and hike down to Senftenberg via Bannholz. However, we stay on our main route and hike toward the duke's table to the mighty granite blocks. Pass the turnoff to the Schanzenriegel, always along the Senftenberg - Droß municipal border. After about 1 ½ hour, we reach the Öhlgrabenbach stream, which we follow upwards, and after another hour, we arrive at the Hussite cross. From there, head towards the city on Alte Langenloiser Straße. Attention, at the following roundabout, there are still no regulated protective paths for pedestrians! Langenloiser Straße takes us past the open-air swimming pool into the centre. Our stage ends at the parish church of St. Francis. Our stage ends at the parish church of St. Francis.


From Vienna: via A22 and S5, B 37 to Droß

From the west:  A1 and S33, B37 to Droß


Car park at the Droß municipal office

Droß can be reached by train and bus.

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More info/links

All information about the stages can be found at . The "Kremstal-Donau long-distance hiking trail" hiking map can be requested free of charge from Donau NÖ Tourismus GmbH by telephone on 02713-30060-60 or downloaded from the brochure shop at will.


Sturdy hiking shoes, rain protection, sufficient food and drink, as well as a hiking map Kremstal-Donau and possibly a wine tavern calendar.

Safety information

Please note the following tips and advice to ensure that your hiking holiday is a beautiful experience: 

Stay on the marked trails and wear mountain/hiking boots.Please do not leave your rubbish along the path.Carry enough food (water/snacks) with you.Take the hiking map with you or use the free hiking app.Respect the sensitive habitats of flora and fauna. Map recommendations

Wanderkarte Weitwanderweg Kremstal-Donau

Author's tip

Listed buildings and magnificent structures characterise Gföhl - especially the baroque Pfarrkirche St. Andreas.

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