Adventure Tour

45-55 kilometres, about 150 m difference in altitude

A fully-loaded adventure tour leading through picturesque natural surroundings on both your bike and canoe.

A tour full of adventures, starting with a beautiful track through the forest along small lakes. Change the bike for a canoe and paddle along the river Luznice! Afterwards, we will light a small fire roasting snacks and having drinks. With fresh energy, we can start making our way back.

Tour details:

Track: Climatic spa town Litschau- Majdalena canoe – Climatic spa town Litschau
Category: 3
Kilometres: 45
Difference in altitude: about 150 m
Duration: about 3 hours

Price per participant: € 29,- (excluding canoe boat ride and fish snack plus one drink)
Minimum number of participants in each party: 3