Bohemian Canada Tour

80 kilometres, about 800 m difference in altitude

This impressive tour leads you into the “Bohemian Canada” district, including the highest elevation of this area – the Makstein hill – a former frontier between Bohemia, Moravia and Austria.

An exceptional tour leading through picturesque nature on both the Austrian and Czech Republic state territory, hence the nickname “Bohemian Canada”. You are cycling mostly on forest tracks and single lanes, reaching the highest elevation of the area – the Markstein hill with 725 m of altitude, a former frontier between Bohemia, Moravia and Austria.

Continuing from Markstein hill, you can join Roznov for a short break where you will see some European wisents. Only a few kilometres further on, you can see the ruin of Landstein, a well-preserved, romantic landmark dating back to the 13th century AD.

From this point, you will cycle back past idyllic ponds and small rivers, crossing the “hemp village” Reingers and the city of Litschau on Herren Lake. Of course, you won’t miss out on the local breweries and pubs!

Tour details:

Track: Litschau – Bohemian Canada Markstein - Roznov - Ruin Landstein - Reingers - Litschau
Category: 2
Kilometres: 80
Difference in altitude: 800 m
Duration: about 4 ½ hours

Price per participant: € 39,-
Minimum number of people in each party: 3