Pure & Unspoiled

The hallmark of the Waldviertel is nature in all its facets; the fresh Nordic climate, the gentle hills, the luscious green meadows, the dark forests, the more than 1,000 sparkling clear lakes and ponds, the enormous “moveable” boulders and the idyllic upland moors have all contributed to making the Waldviertel famous for its unspoiled countryside.

The Waldviertel wilfully toys with its landscape making granite boulders move or just leaving them scattered about. Invents innumerable shades of green. Splatters blobs of colour in-between - as a field of poppies or a flowering meadow. Provides sanctuary for animals and plants that are long extinct elsewhere. Abandons moors for thousands of years leaving them to turn into rich black peat. Refreshes with its clear air, pervades every pore, gets under one's skin…