Nebelstein Tour

68 kilometres, about 1250 m difference in altitude

All those mountain bikers will be rewarded with amazing views from the top of the Nebelstein mountain!

A beautiful, varied tour leading along country roads, gravel roads and small country lanes low in traffic, crossing the highest elevations of this area (1.020 m difference in altitude) and following the state border via the Czech Republic and back to the city of Gmünd.

Tour details:

Track: Gmünd - Mandelstein – Nebelstein hill - Nove Hrady - Ceske Velenice - Gmünd
Category 1
Kilometres: 68
Difference in altitude: about 1250m
Duration: about 5 ½ hours

Price per participant: € 58,- (May to October)
Minimum number of participants in each party: 3