Amethyst World in Maissau

Young and old can catch the magic of a mystical gemstone in an unmistakable color at the TOP excursion destination Maissau.

Visitors can take off on a treasure hunt for their own personal lucky stone at the Amethyst World. This TOP excursion destination offers a diverse program with the idyllic Amethyst Park and a host of other attractions.

Besides a 1500 square meter adventure playground for kids, the premises around the theme world also features the Amethyst Park, where special forces seem to dwell. There is free admission to the theme gardens designed with gemstones.

In the prospecting field in the old quarry, you can find your own personal amethyst and take it home with you later on. Stop by the jewelry workshop to watch gem polishers and goldsmiths at work and have your find crafted into a unique piece of jewelry.