Blockheide Nature Park

In the north, boulders “move”.

Fabulous stone giants and "moveable" boulders sculpted by the wind and rain into natural landmarks such as "St. Christopher's Boulder", the "Devil's Bed", the "Devil's Loaf of Bread" or the "goblin" and "cricket" boulders can be seen during a visit to the Blockheide Nature Park near Gmünd.

The "moveable" or "rocking" boulders are fascinating in that they balance on what they are resting on and can be "moved" quite easily. The best known boulders are those in the immediate vicinity of the 25 m high observation tower with its spectacular view of the Waldviertel. The nature park is open all the year round and access is free of charge. Guided walks lasting 2 ½ to 3 hours can be booked from May to October