Heidenreichstein Moorland Nature Park

In the footsteps of the moor

Who´s afraid of the dark moorlands? 
For centuries these moorlands were avoided but nowadays the fascinating flora and amazing experiences tempt visitors to discover this moorland nature park.

The mysterious moorlands lie hidden in the woods behind the castle which is surrounded by a moat. Some plants typical of the region include the carnivorous sundew, cotton grass and the cranberry. Large raft spiders, lizards and frogs can be discovered from the safety of the wooden piers.

The hollow hideaway under the overhanging rock is the ideal place to take a rest, and from the observation tower there is a splendid view of the Winkelau pond. Heidenreichstein Nature Park is the ideal destination for the whole family: choose between the 2.8 km moorland trail or the 3.2 km pond trail.