Meloner Au

A natural landscape full of botanical diversity and rare animals

This high moor near Altmelon has been under protection since 1992 and is one of the most scenic moorlands in the Waldviertel. The area also has natural scientific significance because it comprises an ensemble of different types of moors that is not found anywhere else in the Waldviertel and Mühlviertel. It boasts an array of rare flora and fauna as well.

To protect nature and the rare forms of life found here, hiking is allowed in the Meloner Au from June 20 to November 30 only. At these times, you can discover the special features of this scenic area, for instance, while hiking on the Moor Hiking Trail. It begins in Altmelon and takes you through typical Waldviertel countryside. You pass by numerous rocks, rare ferns, mosses, and various types of moors and forests. These wetlands near Almelon form a unique botanical area featuring calla, bog calla or pubescent birch and a variety of lovely butterfly species.

The Meloner Au is also home to the rare western capercaillie. These moors provide the perfect habitat for these birds. And it is a popular breeding range for numerous other bird species as well.