Abbeys and Monasteries in the Waldviertel

Lower Austrian landmarks

The Waldviertel proudly embraces its legacy as a region rich in monasteries. These historical buildings within ancient walls have remained special places of tranquility, reflection and contemplation down to the present day. Are you ready to set off on a trip back in time?

Art and culture come alive in the abbeys in northern Lower Austria. You can marvel at the famous ceiling frescoes by Paul Troger at both Geras Monastery and Altenburg Abbey. The double towers of Maria Dreieichen rise above the Horn Basin from this basilica’s perch atop the Manhartsberg. Individualism, inspiration and community are the overriding values at Pernegg Abbey. Its current activities are nearly as multifaceted as its history has been eventful.

Another place of interest is Zwettl Abbey, founded in 1138. That makes it the world’s third oldest Cistercian monastery in existence.