Castle of Rappottenstein, © NOEW, Michael Liebert

Art and Culture in the Waldviertel

Sights and events in Lower Austria

The Waldviertel delights culture enthusiasts and art lovers in equal measure. A wide array of cultural events and a wealth of historical monuments and sites make sure of that.

Open the curtains and clear the stage: The Waldviertel is rich in natural treasures but also in art and culture. Fortresses steeped in history, splendid castles, art-loving monasteries – be prepared to marvel at the historical monuments in the region. Speaking of art-loving: Numerous galleries and museums inspire fine-art lovers with alternating exhibitions and tours. Concerts, plays and films harmoniously round out the diverse program. 

An inside tip: The seven towns with intact town walls and impressive medieval architecture captivate visitors young and old.

Experiencing the Waldviertel in all its facets

One thing is certain: The region offers ample opportunities for you to take just the kinds of excursions you wish. Get an overview of all the excursion destinations in the Waldviertel!