Potatoes from the Waldviertel

The people of the Waldviertel are justifiably proud of their "earth pear" - due to the outstanding climatic conditions, their flavour is after all exquisite.

The best known product made from Waldviertel potatoes is the Waldviertel potato dumpling which has almost become a kind of culinary landmark for the region north of the Danube.

These dumplings are made from one part raw potato and one part cooked potato, and are traditionally served as an accompaniment to roast pork, roast goose, roast duck and also game dishes. They are, however, also served as a dish in their own right, usually with a filling of meat or bacon. Further popular specialities include the original Waldviertel potato noodles served with poppy seeds, potato soup and a spread for bread made from potatoes.

There is a wealth of festivals dedicated to this much loved vegetable - the "Erdäpfelfest" (potato festival) in Geras and Litschau are among the most well-known attracting large numbers of visitors from far and near.