Mohn, © Waldviertel Tourismus, Robert Herbst

Waldviertel, Exactly to My Taste!

Vacations you can relish

You feast your eyes on seas of red-violet-white poppy blossoms, lush green hop bines, shimmering white potato fields and luminous yellow damson plum trees, but all this is just an inkling of the diversity of culinary delights the Waldviertel has to offer. Masters of food preparation and virtuosos in local kitchens take these and countless other regional ingredients and magically transform them into culinary creations second to none. So, any visit to the Waldviertel inevitably becomes a journey through unknown culinary territory full of unique tasting experiences.

The Waldviertel damson (locally called “Kriecherl”) is one example of this uniqueness. This little-researched stone fruit with its fresh sour taste is traditionally used for making jams, juices and fine brandies but goes into mustards and chutneys as well. The practice of transforming fruit into premium higher-proof beverages is wide-spread here, probably because they are so popular. You are bound to find your own favorite drop of good cheer here, from the various fine brandies and liqueurs to the top wines from the Kamp Valley. If you want to go at things a bit more slowly, treat yourself to a beer from one of the many traditional breweries in the Waldviertel. A hearty snack is the perfect accompaniment – especially if it consists of local hand-baked bread and premium specialty cheeses. If you feel like something a little more substantial, the Waldviertel has much to choose from, including countless potato dishes. Or how about fish for a change? If you opt for fish, you should definitely try out Waldviertel carp in one of its many guises, from deep-fat-fried with classic poppy-seed breading to a modern sushi version. And if your sweet tooth needs satisfying, you will find yourself spoiled for choice. A winning bet is anything featuring poppy-seeds (“Mohn” in German), from dumplings and strudel to ice cream. In case you overindulge a bit at some point, there is an array of fine herbs and teas you can turn to, along with rare types of fresh vegetables from the region.

Our tip: Gourmet banquets called “Waldviertler Genussfeste” are staged in late summer and fall and serve all the fine food and drink the region has to offer. Poppy seeds, damson plums and herbs, carp, potatoes and wine are all the more enjoyable accompanied by local music and local customs!

Culinary events in the Waldviertel