Rappottenstein Castle

One of the oldest landmarks in the northwestern Waldviertel.

A guided tour of this mighty castle enables the visitor to experience at first hand the medieval flair of a fortification never captured. The bulky stone walls seem to rise up into the sky from the rocky granite promontory.

During the course of the centuries a fortification with five baileys and eight gates was constructed. The touch of luxury surrounding the interior is unexpected and comes as something of a surprise to the visitor. Three-storey arcades with sgrafitti lend the castle an Italian flair. The frescos in the inner apartments are among the rarest examples of 16th century secular painting. Furthermore, an original winged altar dating from the 15th century and beautiful Gothic vaults can be seen.

Visitors can enjoy the view and relax in the tranquillity of the delightful castle garden. The old tower clock, which displays only the hours, contributes to the atmosphere of serenity of former times.

The gloomy dungeon, however, will soon put an end to any romantic dreaming although the brutality of the historic penal system is forgotten as soon as the visitor returns to the courtyards and sees the mighty fortification harmonising with nature. The careful restoration work carried out by the Abensperg-Traun family (owners of the castle since 1664) has preserved the medieval character of the castle.