Water Wonders Trail No. 55a

This hike is a wonderful encounter with nature, featuring idyllic river valleys and impressive rock formations.

The Water Wonders Trail No. 55a (German: Wasserwunderweg Nr. 55a) is a unique and creative hiking trail in the idyllic countryside of the Upper Kamp Valley. This 12 km long linear hiking trail takes about 3.5 hours. You start in the historical center of Zwettl and head toward Roiten. The differences in elevation are minimal, so the trail is easy and great for families. In 2016, it was certified with the Austrian quality mark for hiking.

The unusual river landscape along the Kamp is the natural backdrop for this special hiking trail that starts in the hiker-friendly town of Zwettl. The granite rock formations, deep green forests, and mills along the way are impressive. Here you experience the Waldviertel in all its primordial power and tranquility. The river is with you all along the Water Wonders Trail as a constant and charming companion. Its steady energy is inspiring, motivating and soothing at once. Moss-covered boulders and blocks of granite in the water alternate with sand banks, seeming to invite you in for a refreshing foot bath. The idyllic tranquility is interspersed with the chirping of birds and the rush of water.

Three of the highlights on the hike are connected with the famous 20th c Austrian artist Friederike Hundertwasser: the Hundertwasser Fountain at the departure point on the main square in Zwettl, the Hundertwasser Mill along the way and the village museum in Roiten designed by Hundertwasser.

The trail features 13 display boards designed by the photographer Gunter Schantz that invite you to grapple with fascinating photos and unravel the mysteries of water. Local and regional aspects in tune with each sites are thematically integrated along the way.

The trail connects town, country and river in a unique way, performing a creative balancing act between man and nature. As a historical brewing center, Zwettl has always been known for its good taste. The town offers a correspondingly diverse range of cuisine, Waldviertel specialty dishes and regional delicacies at cozy local inns as well as fine hotels. Discover the perfect combination of enjoyable dining, relaxation, and exhilarating hiking.