Hiking in the Waldviertel

Waldviertel as a hikers’ paradise – take a deep breath and reenergize

The rich combination of diverse landscapes, cultural treasures and culinary delights in the Waldviertel creates the ideal conditions for fascinating experiences in the great outdoors. Anyone who enjoys intact and genuine nature will love this region.

The fact that the Southern Waldviertel was the first region in Austria to receive a quality mark as a hiking destination underscores the quality of hiking in the region as a whole.

The hiking trails in the Waldviertel take you over meadows full of herbs, blooming fields of poppies, through forests, to ruins and fortresses, monasteries and former convents, to lookout towers, power places and by the three lakes along the Kamp River (Ottenstein, Dobra and Thurnberg) featuring one of the loveliest water and fjord landscape in Europe.

Every route tells its own history and stories. A hike on the trail along Lainsitz is like traveling through time in the Waldviertel and South Bohemia. On this route, you pass by sawmills and forges, the gigantic rocking stones at Blockheide Nature Park, the Kuenring town of Weitra and straight across Nordwald Nature Park. And you also walk along the Iron Curtain, which made the border here impassable for decades. Today the Waldviertel and South Bohemia no longer have any borders between them politically, let alone for hiking.

Besides the Lainsitz and Krems Valley route, four of the other ten long-distant hiking trails in Austria cross the Waldviertel. Nebelstein (1017 meters above sea level) in the Upper Waldviertel is considered a junction for a number of long-distance hiking routes. Thayatalweg 630 also passes by here and continues on toward Thaya Valley National Park, where there is an incredible view of a meander cutoff: The Thaya River surrounds nearly the entire hill as if it were flowing in a circle.
The Upper Waldviertel has one nature park after another – each a paradise in and of itself and perfect for hikers. You pass rare plants and animals, rocking stones and moors.

Hiking Routes

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