Mandelstein, © Waldviertel Tourismus, Studio Kerschbaum

Hiking in the Waldviertel

Experiencing nature in the hiker’s paradise of Lower Austria

Hikers who enjoy intact and genuine nature will love the Waldviertel. It has such a unique combination of diverse landscapes, cultural treasures and culinary delights.

The photographer and avid Waldviertel hiker Reinhard Mandl gets right to the point: “Walking you see, hear, smell and feel more of the countryside.” Hiking is the best way of getting to know a country and its people. A total of five hiking regions and numerous nature sites are just waiting to be explored. The three hiking routes we recommend all bear the Austrian quality mark for hiking. Whether you opt for long-distance trails, hiking with your dog or scenic hiking, you set off on your own personal encounter with nature in Lower Austria! 

Tips: Our packing list for hikers is a great help, as is our luggage transfer service, which lets you give your feet a rest.