Wood handicrafts in the Waldviertel

Where else if not here?

Anyone who has felt and smelled Waldviertel wood on a visit to a workshop or gotten to know the work pieces and craftspeople involved is sure to view Waldviertel furniture as more than mere pieces of furniture.

It should come as no surprise that the Waldviertel (“forest district”) has been known for its mastery of the high art of woodworking for centuries. From simple, artfully shaped wooden balls to Feng Shui beds – Waldviertel carpentry shops make all this as honest craftsmanship of the best quality without fanfare and grandstanding. And they make these items out of the material that lent the Waldviertel its name.

Carpentry shop with a new point of view 

WILLL Manufactory Architecture Furniture Culture

A furniture maker like Willl is unusual and not just because of the three “Ls” in the company name either. WILLL never looks at a piece of furniture in isolation but instead always considers the effect the furniture will have in the space for which it is intended.

When Alois Will opened his carpentry shop for construction and furniture making in Grossglobnitz (Zwettl) a good 90 years ago, it was barely 20 m2 in size. Quality, innovation and precision were the factors for success back then and continue to be today. Some things have changed in the meantime, however: The business has constantly expanded – when he handed the reins to his son Johann and later when his grandson Johann took over. The premises have grown to about 10,000 m2; the tasks that the company takes on have also become more diverse. The three L’s in the company name symbolize the segments the company covers: manufactory, architecture and furniture culture. Johann Will explains: “The manufactory can provide years of experience while the elements of architecture and furniture culture give new impetus.”

Willl has deep roots in the Waldviertel. “Most employees live in neighboring towns; several of them began as apprentices at our shop. The good work atmosphere and the willingness to take on responsibility are huge advantages.”

Johann Will
“A piece of furniture never exists for itself alone. It joins together with many other components and factors to create a spatial experience. That is why we always keep an eye on the overall space when we create a piece of furniture!”