Holzart Binder, © Waldviertel Tourismus, Robert Herbst

Handicrafts and manufactories

The Waldviertel, the home of many skilled crafts and trades

Come to the Waldviertel and experience extraordinary craftsmanship, regional products and excellent quality. Handicrafts and manufactories have a grand tradition in this region and offer exciting and unique products!

Finally being able to do something with your hands! Finally being able to grab, grip and touch! Finally a chance to get away from the office, back into a real workshop – to pursue the dream of being creative, to make original and practical items, large and small, and to do so with your own hands. This is a dream of many people. Now there is a way to make it come true! In the Waldviertel.

The Waldviertel is home to handicrafts. This region has passionate craftspeople at every turn, who have cultivated and maintained traditions passed down over the centuries and expert knowledge of skilled crafts and trades.   

The traditional handicraft workshops in the Waldviertel now let visitors come in and look over their shoulders as they work. They share secrets of glass engraving and glass blowing, show tricks on turning, carpentry, textile weaving, basket weaving, soap making, pottery or papermaking. The main focus is on the traditional Waldviertel segments – wood, stone, textile and glass – and on other specialists such as a mother-of-pearl turning shop, sundial production, smithery, engraving, etc.

Learn about the craftspeople and their products. Try out a handicraft yourself. In the process, you can take a bit of tradition and uniqueness back home with you!