Holzart Binder, © Waldviertel Tourismus, Robert Herbst

Handicrafts and Manufactories in the Waldviertel

Where your holidays become a masterpiece

Handicrafts have always been part of the Waldviertel and tell fascinating tales of the people and their innovation in using the raw materials from their region.

Local wood, fine yarns, hand-crafted glass, mother-of-pearl, minerals, clay and fish leather are all still transformed today into custom handicraft items. Avid master artisans and craftspeople are happy to let you look over their shoulders while they work. Sometimes they even team up with guests to create an item together.

The main focus is on the traditional Waldviertel segments – wood, stone, textiles and glass – and on other specialists such as a mother-of-pearl turning shop, sundial production, smithery or engraving. 
Wood, stone, glass, textiles and traditional specialists: Handicrafts from the Waldviertel are diverse by nature

Here you can delight in the intense fragrance of fresh wood on a lathe or be mesmerized cutting sparkling glass, forgetting everything else around you in the process. You can watch first-hand as simple yarn and thread are transformed into lovely dirndls or cuddly terrycloth towels and try your hand at crafting genuine mother-of-pearl or granite jewelry. In the Waldviertel everyone can take his or her own individual masterpiece home as a souvenir.