Peilstein - Yspertal No. 33

Horská túra z Altenmarkt an der Ysper, Market Square na Altenmarkt an der Ysper, Market Square

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10,98 km Délka

Údaje o trase
  • Obtížnost: středně těžká
  • Trasa: 10,98 km
  • Výstup: 628 Hm
  • Sestup: 628 Hm
  • Délka: 4:30 h
  • Nejnižší bod: 495 m
  • Nejvyšší bod: 1.052 m
  • vyhlídky
  • možnost občerstvení

Detaily pro: Peilstein - Yspertal No. 33

Krátký popis

The Ostrong mountain range is the most powerful elevation in the Southern Waldviertel. The Großer Peilstein (1,061 m) is its highest peak, the summit cross is on the Kleiner Peilstein (1,024 m). Due to its unique view from the Weitental valley over the Danube valley to the Alps, it is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Waldviertel.


The mountain range of the Ostrong begins in the south at the Danube and breaks off abruptly in the north at the watershed between the Ysper and Weitental valleys. The summit is a real thousand-metre peak. At the northernmost tip, on a mighty block castle, the large summit cross of the Kleiner Peilstein (1024 m) is emblazoned and points the way to the most beautiful vantage point in the southern Waldviertel. We take the easier path to the summit because it is not airy, but beautifully idyllic and wooded.

The summit striker is rewarded with a wonderful view from the highest summit of the "Donauwaldviertel" to the two valleys and the high plateau of the Granitland to the north. The descent largely leads back along the ascent path through wooded areas.

Výchozí bod trasy

Altenmarkt an der Ysper, Market Square

Cílový bod trasy

Altenmarkt an der Ysper, Market Square

Popis trasy Peilstein - Yspertal No. 33

From the market square in Altenmarkt, follow the markings uphill through the village. Pass the playground and continue uphill along the road, passing two chapels in the Maierhof settlement. Follow the gravel road until you reach the forest. After the sharp right-hand bend, turn left and climb a little more steeply uphill to the Surbichl cross. Follow the markings and cross three forest roads. Between the 2nd and 3rd forest road, there is a large rock formation on the left (with a high seat, viewpoint of Rorregg Castle/rest area). Once you reach the ridge, continue left through idyllic woodland over the Großer Peilstein to the destination, the summit cross on the Kl. Peilstein with a magnificent view. The return route runs from the summit cross descent on the left and after just under 1 km rejoins the already familiar ascent route.


A1 to Ybbs, Donaubrücke Persenbeug and B 36 direction Zwettl to Yspertal and Laimbach.


Marketplace in Altenmarkt

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