Waldviertel as a Health Destination

Five healthy reasons for a getaway in the Waldviertel

There are many good reasons for heading to the Waldviertel for a healthy getaway: the top medical expertise of the Waldviertel health resorts plus incomparable countryside with unique curative resources, not to mention healthful cuisine and fascinating cultural treasures. Come and be inspired!

1. Medical Competence

The health offerings in the Waldviertel are based on three fundamental principles: prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. These specialized facilities offer tailor-made health programs and prevention plans in line with the highest medical standards. Four of them have been awarded the Best Health Austria quality seal for health tourism, a sign of excellent quality.

2. Idyllic Countryside

Pristine and genuine are two words that immediately come to mind when you think of the Waldviertel: dark forests, bright red poppy fields, crystal-clear lakes and deep moors. It is a world unto itself and whets your appetite for experiencing nature firsthand. Feel your heart leaping for joy visiting the impressive natural scenery in Thaya Valley National Park, Heidenreichstein Moor or a host of other places.

3. Natural Curative Treasures

Clean air and the slightly bracing climate, with its warm days and cool nights, make the Waldviertel one of the healthiest regions in Austria. Another natural treasure is the curative moorland. This black gold promises relief for a wide variety of ailments.

4. Cuisine

A healthy diet is vital to a healthy life. Enjoyment also plays a crucial part. In Waldviertel health resorts you can find out just how delicious healthy fare can taste. Regionalism, organic quality and careful preparation are the focal points.

5. Culture

Culture is a source of joy and enrichment – and that is healthy! More than 250 ancient fortresses and castles rise up into the clear clean skies in the Waldviertel and in adjoining South Bohemia, standing as witnesses to the eventful history of the region. Medieval towns and monasteries convey a spirit of tranquility and contemplation. Many of these sites become stages for cultural events in the summer!