Waldviertel Herbs, Tea & Spices

Plant treasures of the finest quality flourish in the Waldviertel.

The Waldviertel is justifiably considered the herbal center of Austria. From apple mint to lemon balm, the Waldviertel has everything an herb lover’s heart could wish for.

Herbs and spices exude a fragrance of enthusiasm. Herb hikes are more in demand than ever, as are courses or books about cooking with herbs and wild plants. This trend is right in step with the culinary spirit of the times, which is all about health, nature and a return to origins. And this spirt is undoubtedly at home in the Waldviertel.

SONNENTOR is an organic producer that has been committed to sustainable, organic farming from the outset and is deeply rooted in the region. Its business plan entails retaining and utilizing micro-structured farming of the type that has been common in the Waldviertel since time immemorial. The Waldviertel herb specialist throws open its doors to guests under the motto "Herbs – A Sensual Experience."