Hiking route from Hardegg, Uhrturm

Pěší túra z Hardegg, Clock Tower

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4,04 km Délka

Údaje o trase
  • Obtížnost: středně těžká
  • Trasa: 4,04 km
  • Výstup: 154 Hm
  • Sestup: 154 Hm
  • Délka: 1:00 h
  • Nejnižší bod: 290 m
  • Nejvyšší bod: 415 m
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  • vyhlídky
  • dostupnost vlakem a autobusem
  • geologické zajímavosti
  • botanické zajímavosti
  • faunistické zajímavosti

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Start / Finish: Hardegg


The hike around the town and castle of Hardegg leads over the legendary Regina rock to the Max plateau. The view here is unique, as the town and Hardegg Castle lie at the visitor's feet, as it were.

Výchozí bod trasy

Hardegg, Clock Tower

Popis trasy Hiking route from Hardegg, Uhrturm

From the Hardegg clock tower near the stairway to the castle, a rocky outcrop jutting far into the suburb, the Reginafelsen, stands out in a south-westerly direction. The Hardegg circular hiking trail leads there and on to the Maxplateau (ORF broadcasting station). To the left of the clock tower, a footpath leads down into the valley to the Fugnitz Bridge and then a dead-end road to the right to the hiking trail. High above the Fugnitz, the trail leads directly to the foot of the Regina Rock. The hard siliceous limestone rock has withstood when the Fugnitz formed the valley basin.

At the next fork in the path, go straight ahead to the Regina rock with a magnificent view of the suburb and Hardegg Castle (do not climb over the railing, danger of falling!). Return to the fork in the path and turn right through an oak and hornbeam forest to the Max plateau. The undergrowth consists of yellow dogwood, blackthorn and privet. This highest elevation in the immediate urban area is typical of the Thayatal. The steep slopes to the east and south are home to heat-loving plants that also tolerate drought and are not at all typical of the Waldviertel. Insects find good living conditions here. The western and northern slopes have a completely different plant cover. European beech, ash, birch, lime and maple love the shadier, damp slopes.

You can return to the town via an easily accessible forest road or take the shortcut via the steep Christbaumsteig (3a), which branches off directly from the Max plateau. The two paths meet again at the old bathing area and lead back to the town.


Vienna: A 22 - Stockerau - S3 - B 303 to Hollabrunn - to the roundabout with the L 1027 (Unterretzbach) continue to Niederfladnitz on the L 38 to Hardegg.

Linz: A 7 towards Freistadt - B 310 to Freistadt - B 38 via Zwettl to Rastenfeld - turn left here towards Horn - B 45 to Sigmunsherberg - L 1155 to Weitensfeld - L 1065 to Waschbach - L 1044 to the junction with the L 38 (turn left) and follow the L 38 to Hardegg.


Parking available at the National Park House

Train Vienna-Retz, or Znaim-Retz, continue by bus from Retz to Hardegg /National Park House.

Traffic days and more info: Rail information: 05/1717

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Sturdy shoes

Bezpečnostní informace

Individual steep, rocky trail sections and steep tracks

Doporučené mapy

National Park Thayatal (information request and in the National Park House)

Tip autora

As a souvenir of your hike around the Thayatal National Park, you can pick up a hiking tag at the ticket office of the Thayatal National Park and in the Kaja Ruin.

Hiking stamps are round plaques designed and inscribed by wood firing, which serve as a souvenir and at the same time as an award for outstanding achievements. Diligent stamp collectors are rewarded with a free premium stamp. You can find more information at http://www.wandermarken.at/

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