Small waterfalls and large granite cliffs – a natural spectacle, hiking destination and recreational area

Höllfall is an impressive waterfall with a scenic and pristine natural river landscape. It is a wonderfully tranquil spot for rest and relaxation. The ideal way to explore this natural monument is on a hike.

The natural monument northeast of Arbesbach is formed by the waters of the Grosser Kamp River. In this romantic wilderness, the water seeks a path downstream between towering rock walls, thus forming small waterfalls time and again. Countless large granite rocks lie in the riverbed so most of the water flowing by is hidden between these rocks, making the water level appear low.

At the lower end of the waterfall, the river flows through the valley in myriad small winding branches. An old shrine stands at this spot. This was once a station along the ancient Zellerweg that pilgrims took to Maria Zell.

Höllfall Trail

This hiking trail going to Höllfall begins in the town of Pretrobruck near Arbesbach and then continues a ways through the woods. Just before the waterfall, the Kamp River becomes very calm, creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. It is the perfect place for hikers to linger and re-energize. The soothing rush of crystal-clear water, the fragrance of the trees, and the twittering of the birds accompany hikers all along the Höllfall Trail. Then they cross a bridge and arrive at the other side, the so-called “Hölle” (hell). From the trail, the views of the water tumbling down over the rocks are often not very clear but there are many spots along the bank with good views of the falling water.

Tip: A visit to Höllfall can be combined with a hike to another waterfall a few kilometers away, Lohnbachfall.