Castles in the Waldviertel

Lower Austrian history in a splendid atmosphere

The Waldviertel castles watch over the cultural heritage of the region with imposing majesty. The magnificent rooms and extensive gardens take us on exciting travels into the past. Incidentally, the castles covered in this section are all designated in German as “Schloss”. There is a separate section (“Ruins and Fortresses in the Waldviertel”) covering other major castles that are all designated in German as “Burg”, which means fortress or fortified castle.

Ever fancied being lord or lady of the castle for a day? You have many opportunities to do just that in northern Lower Austria. The castles in Rosenau, Weitra and Ottenstein, for example, are wonderful settings for festive occasions. Grafenegg, for its part, is one of Austria’s most significant castle complexes with its combination of culture and architecture, nature and gourmet cuisine.

What other cultural sites are known and beloved as regional highlights? Well, the climbing park in Rosenburg, Waldreichs Castle with its guided nature tours and Pöggstall Castle with its guided museum tours. Read more about art and culture in the Waldviertel!

Waldviertel castles with charm and character

Every castle in the Waldviertel tells its own history. Are you ready to listen? You can experience history first-hand at the following special places: