Southern Waldviertel, © Waldviertel Tourismus,

Southern Waldviertel

Spectacular Landscapes, Splendid Silence

Admittedly, this is a rather unknown part of Austria, but this is precisely what makes it so unique. The Southern Waldviertel is a place that allows you to truly wind down. Huge hotels, cable cars and mass tourism don’t exist here; visitors will instead find this beautiful region to be a tranquil and secluded haven for the soul.

The land rises sharply from the Danube valley: Thickly wooded mountains, some 1000 meters high, lie to the north. Water from the Waldviertel comes cascading down the narrow Ysperklamm towards the large river below – a breathtaking spectacle of nature. The heights offer amazing views into the distance and inviting, quaint villages line the broad valleys. Gothic churches, such as “St. Anna im Felde” or the ones in Weiten and Heiligenblut, several castle ruins and majestic Pöggstall Castle make for impressive destinations in the area. Amazing granite rock formations dot the landscape everywhere you go, as if placed there by playful giants. Small mountain roads lead to the Waldviertler Plateau and to the hidden village of Gutenbrunn, which is famous for its extensive network of cross country ski trails.

The Southern Waldviertel is generally considered an El Dorado for trekkers, hikers, Nordic walkers and cyclists of all levels of ambition, and well marked mountain-bike trails can be found throughout the region. For those who just want some peace and relaxation, pristine ponds such as the one in Puschach in the Ysper Valley present arefreshing alternative. The region of the Southern Waldviertel has preserved its special, unique identity. It is a place for replenishing strength and vitality without effort, allowing you to relax and restore your personal balance.

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