Kamp lake, © Waldviertel Tourismus, ishootpeople.at

The Heart of the waldviertel

Mighty, strong, healthy and natural

Thirty-one municipalities are presented in this region, encouraging unique qualities that are typical of this central stretch of land in the north of Austria: Peace, serenity, never stress nor boredom.

Bärnkopf, at the very west of our area, is located well over 1.000 metres above sea level hence classified a mountain resort for its countless cross-country skiing and mountain bike options. Rastenfeld to the east is close to all the Kamp lakes with options to go paddling, sailing, rowing and of course swimming. At the heart of this area lies the fortified city Zwettl, heart & soul of the entire area. Zwettl Abbey, right by the Kamp river, is famous for its art treasures and the Gothic style cloister.

We feel mighty and strong, healthy and natural, just as the Waldviertel itself. Enjoy hiking up little streams, take in the smell of fresh herbs and grasslands, charge your batteries while cycling, hiking or walking across a field of poppy flowers in bloom. Our goal is for you to feel welcome here at the very heart of the Waldviertel district. 

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