100 Lakes Tour

75-90 kilometres, 350-400 m difference in altitude

A wonderful tour set in the Southern Moravia lake district (UNESCO natural heritage) surrounded by historical buildings and sights.

The gently rolling hills of the Upper Waldviertel district, including the border region of Southern Moravia with its large lake district area protected by UNESCO biosphere reserve, is a true bikers’ paradise. The triangle of the cities of Gmünd, Litschau and Trebon (in the Czech Republic) offer visitors an overview of the historical old towns, castles and local pubs and inns. Forests not only shelter you from gusts of wind, but also provide refreshing shade. Much of this trail leads along routes low in traffic and truly untouched natural surroundings. With a bit of luck, you might be able to spot a white-tailed eagle or an otter!

Tour details:

Option 1:
Track: Climatic spa town Litschau - Chlum – City of Trebon - Majdalena – Climatic spa town Litschau
Category: 2
Kilometres: 75
Difference in altitude: about 350 m
Duration: about 4 hours

Option 2:
Track: Gmünd - Nova Ves - Majdalena – City of Trebon - Gmünd
Category: 2
Kilometres: 90
Difference in altitude: about 400 m
Duration: about 4 ½ hours

Price per participant: € 39,-
Minimum number of participants in each party: 3