Kamp Valley, © Robert Herbst - kamptal.at

The Kamp-Manhartsberg Vally

A Million years young region

The Kamp valley has an excellent reputation. It is well known for its excellent wine, the Riesling and the „Gruener Veltliner“. To a large extent the banks of the river Kamp are unspoiled. A charming cycle path meanders through the valley. At several spots there are possibilities for bathing. Dark quiet woods, rolling meadows, terraced vineyards and sheer cliffs make a journey through the region an unforgettable experience.

The centre of this famous winegrowing area is Langenlois with its small neighbouring villages Schönberg am Kamp, Straß im Straßer Tal and Lengenfeld. Langenlois is the home of a landmark of the Austrian wine culture, the futuristic Wine Experience World „Loisium and the large number of cosy „Heurigen“ in this area invite you to wile away your time in a very enjoyable atmosphere.

The Kamp valley is a region full of natural and cultural beauty. The Rosenburg castle situated high on the cliffs above the banks of the river Kamp is an Austrian landmark. The Benedictine monastery Altenburg with its magnificent library is a baroque work of art. Numerous ruins of ancient fortresses line the course of the river Kamp and, hidden in the woods, you will find small idyllic castles, the most famous of them – the Greillenstein castle.

The area capital Horn was one of the locations of the Lower Austria County Exhibition in 2009. The rural town Eggenburg, surrounded by medieval city walls has retained its historic flair. In the small village Maissau the tourist attraction "Amethystwelt" (Amethyst World) has been built on top of mighty Amethyst deposits.

The town Gars am Kamp is a magnet for a large number of tourists. Another cultural centre is the picturesque Grafenegg Castle.

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