Rosenburg Castle

A precious Renaissance jewel – bedded in roses.

Rosenburg is a Renaissance castle (German: Schloss Rosenburg) perched on a mighty rock high above the Kamp Valley and visible from far and wide. The impressive complex is a welcoming haven with an extraordinary atmosphere. Drawing more than 65,000 people a year, it is one of the most frequently visited attractions in Lower Austria. The Rosenburg is a definite must-see!

History and tradition at every turn

The Rosenberg family guided the fortunes of the Rosenburg into the early 14th c. The first documented mention of it dates back to 1175 when a reference was made to “Gozwin de Rosenberg”. The chapel and keep are from the Gothic Period. In 1487 the Grabner brothers acquired the medieval fortification and transformed it into a Renaissance castle. In the early 17th c, Vinzenz Muschinger bought the castle and had the jousting yard built. Today it is the largest extant jousting yard in Europe.
His successor, Count Windhag, left his mark in the design of the 13 towers, artistically placed oriels and balconies, splendid rooms, a library and ornamental gardens, all features that characterize the current appearance of the Rosenburg. After being owned by all those families, the castle came into the hands of the Hoyos family. It reopened the Rosenburg as a museum castle following a fire in the 19th c.

A visit to another world

The first wows slip out involuntarily as you enter the castle premises. Fortifications, Gothic additions and elements from the Renaissance merge to create an idyllic museum setting. A tour takes you through the splendid rooms in the living quarters, replete with antique furniture in period style. Highlights of the tour include the weapons collection, the staterooms, the library and the breathtaking view far into the Kamp Valley. Against this perfect backdrop, the castle stages knights festivals with exhibition fights on horseback as well as Easter and Christmas markets. Medieval knights banquets can be booked and on balmy summer evenings, Rosenburg puts on a summer night’s comedy every year in a tent in front of the castle. If that is still not enough action for you, you can stroll across the road to an appealing theme park with climbing garden for young and old.

Romance as far as the eye can see

The castle gardens are all about romance – the four separate garden areas with four different themes make your castle visit all the more delightful. And love’s scent is definitely in the air here: Since March 2012, there has also been a unique rose garden. It is devoted entirely to the roses created by the legendary British master rose breeder David Austin and laid out in accordance with his approach. There is no other garden like it in Austria.

Up close: The King of the Air

Falcons, owls, kites, vultures and eagles take to the air from the falconer’s hand and circle over the heads of the spectators: Exclusive flight demonstrations provide interesting insights into the history of falconry and various breeding programs to preserve species diversity. They also furnish intriguing information about the natural behaviors and habitats of birds of prey. The falconry museum has a fascinating presentation of historical facts, old garments and mounted birds. Falconry has been part of the UNESCO intangible world cultural heritage since 2012 – and is an absolute must-see for that reason and many others.