Marktgemeinde Rastenfeld


The municipality Rastenfeld is located 30 kilometres north of Krems, easily connected by the B37. Enjoy the wonderful peace of the Kamp lake Ottenstein, a large local reservoir lake in the middle of the forest! Sailing, surfing, canoeing, camping and of course swimming in this lake attracts many visitors to its pristine waters. Around the lake, watch the landscape in its “dress” according to the season: green meadows and fields in early spring, yellow rape flowers from May till June and flax flowers from June till July. Poppy flowers too blossom in July, offering a delightful view of flaring red. Gently rolling wheat fields indicate the peak summer season around August. Besides, the municipality offers tennis courts, bowling alleys, a professional golf course as well as a visit to Ottenstein castle.

Location and how to get there