In this show garden, nearly forgotten cultivated plants are brought back to life again in an historical setting.

Arche Noah has a Baroque style castle garden that combines the new and the old. Cultivated plants are saved from extinction here, then multiplied and further developed. The old walls surrounding the garden and the garden pavilion create a very special atmosphere.

Rare plants from around the globe

The Arche Noah show garden offers unique diversity. Here, you will find “vintage varieties” such as the Schafnase (sheep’s nose), an apple, or the huge Ochsenherz (oxen heart), a tomato, along with exotic produce from around the globe. The goal is to obtain seeds and plant varieties intentionally to produce seeds.

For show purposes, the beds are divided into different thematic areas. All types and varieties are clearly labeled and additional information can be found on the many information signs on the edges of the beds. If you want to know more, you are welcome to take part in one of the interesting garden tours.