Dobra Reservoir

Explore the medieval fortress ruin and the untouched natural countryside around Dobra Reservoir

Dobra Reservoir is named after the ruin of the same name. It begins immediately after the concrete dam for the Ottenstein Reservoir and extends over a distance of about 5 kilometers to Krumau.

Imposing rock cliffs fall precipitously to the shore and dense coniferous forests surround the reservoir. It is no wonder it bears the name “Dobra”, from the southern Slavic word “dobov”, woods. The reservoir is a popular fresh water diving lake and can be explored with expert guides. There are a number of unsupervised swimming areas that are inviting places to swim and relax.

The reservoir can also be explored by boat. A little boat tour is a splendid way to explore the far reaches of this tranquil body of water and to view the former Dobra Fortress in all its grandeur. You can find rental boats at the campground Campingplatz Dobra.

The Dobra Reservoir and the Ottenstein Reservoir have some of the best fishing grounds in Europe for predatory fish, so they are popular places to fish. The reservoirs have become very well-known from the catches made there, including pikes up to 140 cm long, zanders more than a meter long or European perches up to 60 cm long. Fishing licenses can be obtained at the Ottenstein Forestry Office (phone: +43 2988 6530) or at Campingplatz Dobra (phone: +43 2988 21102).

Dobra Ruin

The Dobra fortress ruin is one of the most striking ruins of a medieval fortress in the Kamp Valley and is perched on a promontory that extends far into the lake.
The castle tower has been enlarged to serve as a lookout tower with a stunning view of the lake country below. It is the starting point of the Big Fly, a zip line nearly 400 meters long that takes adventurous souls whizzing down to the lake.