Dog Sledding Adventures

A near-Alaskan experience – huskies through the Waldviertel

Riding a dog sled is a real adventure! When you stand at the back of the sled pulled by huskies, you feel their power and are able to experience the winter landscape in a unique way. This Alaskan adventure is yours to have in the heart of the Waldviertel.

An unforgettable adventure with Siberian huskies awaits you at two well-known venues for dog sledding in the Waldviertel: Husky Ranch in Friedersbach and Huskyhof Waldviertel in Altnagelberg.

There are not a lot of requirements you have to meet for a husky workshop. You should bring along a little thirst for adventure and warm clothing and be in decent physical condition. You learn the rest in the basic course and then off you go into the great outdoors with two huskies pulling the sled. There is a genuine musher along, too, i.e. a person who conveys the commands to the dogs.

The Husky Ranch run by Franz Steindl is near the Ottenstein Reservoir. Highlight: a ride on a dog sled on a clear moonlit night.

The Huskyhof in Altnagelberg is just the right place for anyone wanting to pick up tips and tricks from a real professional. The top dog sled racer Roman Brunner is the man in charge and offers visitors wonderful rides along the border.