1st Austrian Camel Riding School

Animal adventures


The 1st Austrian Camel Riding School is located in Eitental in the southern Waldviertel. Besides riding lessons on camels, there are also special programmes and workshops. Here you can experience a special kind of riding, also for people with special needs there is healing for body and soul. With around 20 years of experience and her training and intensive practice in the Arabian region, the original home of the animals, Ms Gassner is the ideal contact person for dealing with camels.

After an exciting day, children can take home a lot of knowledge about the camels. During the so-called camel drive, the animals are accompanied through the wildlife park, where the children can also observe various other native forest animals. Workshops are offered for almost every target group. Starting with different trainings up to education on feeding, keeping, care and taming. Everyone can spend an eventful day at the camel riding school. The programme is tailored to the respective interests and needs. For visitors with riding experience, the rides are also possible at a faster pace.

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