Sonnenuhren Jindra (Jindra Sundial Exhibition)

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Go on a journey through time in a very special workshop!

This metalworking shop is a family business. Founded in 1858, it is currently run by the 5th generation. Johann Jindra IV had a love of sundials and devoted himself to developing them over many years of precision work. Today, the Jindra family's sundials come in a wide variety of shapes and materials. “Sun, time and eternity” is the slogan of Schlosserei Jindra.

Every sundial that is made there is unique. The best way to witness this is by taking a tour of the traditional workshop, the sundial garden and the sundial house in Weiten. It is an entertaining experience with many interesting facts and visually impressive details about the course of the Sun.

TIP: Visits are only possible with a guide: Monday to Friday at 10:00 and 14:00. Saturdays at 10:00, or by appointment.

Sundial House and show garden

See over 40 different sundials during a guided tour of the show garden.

In the sundial house, you will find information on the position of the Sun and the orbit of the Earth around it. There are also working portable sundials and models of historical sundials. Take a guided tour of the Jindra family’s show garden, to learn all there is know about sundials, and to admire a wide range of models. The exhibition can only be visited with a guide, and for a fee.


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