Fine Brandies from the Waldviertel

Premium distillates from the Waldviertel range from fruit brandies to whiskies.

Distillers of fine brandies in the Waldviertel are committed craftsman of the trade and produce spirits to the highest standards. To achieve the best possible quality, the distillers use only ripe, healthy fruit and premium Waldviertel grains.

Fruit is not the only thing distilled in the Waldviertel. In a region ideal for grain cultivation and known for its thriving beer culture, it is only natural that people produce beer brandy, grain brandies and even whisky.

Premium brandies are more than just schnapps. Clean, crystal-clear and aromatic fruit brandies are just as much a part of the high art of distilling as full-bodied, harmonious, barrel-aged grain brandies. An expert in this field is Johann Haider from Destillerie J.Haider and Whisky World of Experience, the first whisky distillery in Austria.