Gross Gerungs Kraftarena

Five spots with special revitalizing energy

Gross Gerungs Kraftarena has always been an appealing attraction for visitors. It is made up of five cult sites around the town of Gross Gerungs with energy spots and strong lines of energy that exert special effects on people. These effects can range from invigorating and stimulating to calming and relaxing.

Stone pyramid

The nearly seven meter high stone pyramid near Ober Neustift is arranged in stepped layers reminiscent of a wedding cake. The special thing about it is this: It was clearly made by human hand and is surrounded by geomantic lines arranged in a star pattern. This arrangement lends this spot its special energy. When and why it was built is and remains a mystical puzzle.


A round 500-ton granite rock seven meters in diameter and shaped like a globe lies in the woods known as Oberrosenauerwald in the direction of Rosenau Castle. The imposing butte has a positive energy zone with bio information that cancels out electromagnetic stress in human beings.


Between Böhmsdorf and Wurmbrand is the Kierlingstein, a six meter long rock resting on four large blocks of stones. In the surface of the imposing granite corestone is a 40 cm deep cup-shaped concave depression that is always filled with water. Legend has it that this water has a curative and even beautifying effect. The spot marked near the rock has a positive effect in that it brings the autonomic nervous system into balance. In addition, there is also a “listening island” here, an oversized hearing aid that lets you perceive the voices of the trees, bushes and all forest inhabitants more clearly.

Sacrificial stone

In the midst of a grove of trees northwest of Gross Gerungs near Thail is a striking, three meter high sacrificial stone. On it is the largest cup mark in the Waldviertel. It is unknown whether this three square meter basin was shaped by human hand or by natural weathering. And it is equally unclear whether it was used for blood sacrifices.


This hiking trail takes you through one of the most scenic areas around Gross Gerungs, along a romantic forest stream and a number of imposing rock formations to the Klauskapelle (hermitage chapel). Once you arrive, you are encouraged to try your luck. Legend has it that anyone who causes the bell in the chapel to ring three times with one pull of the rope will get their wish.