Jindra metalworking and sundials

Only the hours of sunshine count here

Producing sundials is an art in so many different respects. The Jindras in Weiten are masters of all facets of this difficult but rewarding handicraft.

The Jindra family has run a metalworking shop in Weiten since 1858. It produces railings and grave crosses as well as window grilles made of wrought iron and stainless steel. The shop has also been devoted for about 30 years to the production of sundials – with great success. Customers love these unique objects. From water-jet sundials to whiskey sundials, the models that the Jindras produce are virtually one-of-a-kind products. The shop even makes sundials that indicate solstices or a person’s birthday. In addition to being visual works of art, these timepieces also actually function. Of that the customers can be sure. Achieving this objective is not at all simple, however. Johann Jindra (the fifth “Johann” in the house) knows all the ins and outs and is happy to share his knowledge with his loved ones.

For many years, tours have been given in the sundial garden, and four rooms in the sundial house explain to visitors the various mysteries relating to the course of the sun and to sundials in general.

Johann Jindra
“Do like the sundials do: Count just the hours of brightness and cheer. Sundial customers have sun in their hearts and are a friendly, pleasant clientele.”