Rock climbing country in the Waldviertel

Rock climbing in the great outdoors

The climbing areas in the Waldviertel have a broad range of climbs differing in difficulty to fit the preferences of novices and advanced climbers alike. In addition, forests, cliffs and rivers form a perfect backdrop for this outdoor adventure.

Hanging rock in Rosenburg

There is a freestanding tower in Rosenburg in the middle of the woods, with walls 10 m to 20 m high. The level of difficulty for the 13 routes ranges from 2 to 9-. This rock has been a favorite one to climb for several generations and affords great views of the Kamp River and Altenburg Abbey.

To access the wall, you cross the Kamp at the power station and climb up the ridge of the meander cutoff. A hiking trail branches off to the left there. It will take you to the hanging rock.

3573 Rosenburg
+43 2982 2917

Rastenfeld climbing garden

This granite wall in Rastenfeld near Zwettl is a great place to rock climb. Up to 20 m high, the wall has about 37 routes that are very well secured with bolts. Their level of difficulty can be as high as grade 10 but most are about grade 6. There are also grade 4 routes for beginners.

To access the wall, you drive toward Sägemühle Mayer. There is parking directly in front of this sawmill on the right-hand side of the road in front of a small brook. Just before that, there is a steep, slightly trodden path on the other side of the road that goes up the slope alongside the mill and from there, you proceed to the climbing garden, which is directly to the left of the mill.

3532 Rastenfeld
+43 664 2305284

Rock climbing areas in Thaya Valley

Hahnmühle climbing rock
With a wall height of 10 m to 20 m and 17 routes ranging from grade 3 to 7, this steep, west-facing wall is ideal for beginners and advanced climbers alike. The character of the route is a steep wall climb on grips, cracks and edges.

Reismühle climbing rock
Right next to the Thaya River, along the Reismühl weir, is a projecting cliff with routes ranging from grade 4 to 8+. The southwest-facing wall has 15 routes from 10 m to more than 20 m in height. Climbers should have fairly complete mastery of grade 7 in order to climb the Reismühl cliff successfully.

3820 Raabs/Thaya
+43 2844 7474

Thaya Valley rock climbing garden – Download a map!