Schrems Upland Moor Nature Park

The beautiful tranquil moorland to the east of the granite town of Schrems is the largest area of upland moor in Austria.

From the entrance to the nature park the 4.5 km circular upland moor trail leads through far-reaching meadows and past former peat cuttings on the edge of the moors and forests. This is the ideal habitat for the extremely rare moor frog. Carnivorous plants such as the sundew or the common bladderwort can also be found here.

The historical moorland trail, which deals with the history of the moorland, takes the visitor to a further highlight, the Jacob's Ladder, a gigantic 20 m high observation platform that guarantees fascinating views of the surrounding moorlands. The nature park is open throughout the year; there is, however, no snow clearance in winter.