Use of Image Data

(Events, etc.)

Images (photos/videos) of various events are produced, especially also at press conferences and other events staged by Destination Waldviertel GmbH or featuring speakers or performers who work on our premises or for us or with our support.

In invitations and at events, advance notice is given that photos/videos will be taken. If the media privilege (pursuant to § 9 of the Austrian Data Protection Act) is not applicable, the photographer is instructed to obtain consent when taking photos/videos of small groups. If larger groups are photographed at the events, the photos/videos serve the purpose of boosting the name recognition of our organization and its public image. We then publish these photos/videos on the Internet and if appropriate, in printed information about our organizations (legitimate interest).

If you are photographed as part of a small group or as an individual, the photographer will ask you before he/she produces the picture/video whether you consent to its production and have you sign an appropriate consent form as proof of your consent. If you do not give your consent, you have the option of stepping off to the side, so you are not in the photo/video. If the media privilege (pursuant to § 9 of the Austrian Data Protection Act) is not applicable, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time with future effect.

If you do withdraw your consent, the photos/videos are removed wherever technically possible and an attempt is made to have them removed from any other media. Print brochures are not destroyed following a withdrawal of consent. Upon receiving the withdrawal of consent, we no longer use the data for this purpose. If the withdrawal of consent and any prohibition of further use give rise to costs (website changes, destruction of printed information) and no legitimate interest in a withdrawal of consent exists, the costs for changes must be borne by the data subject.

The data subject is entitled to lodge an objection in accordance with the law if the data processing is based on a legitimate interest. For these events, you appear in a public space at an event that our organization is interested in marketing. These expectations must also be considered in connection with any objection that is lodged.

If we publish the data on our own website, we delete it on expiration of copyright protection or on withdrawal of consent. If this data is published in social networks, it is deleted only upon consent being withdrawn.