Waldviertel Beer

A long brewing tradition and superb basic ingredients are what make Waldviertel beer incomparable.

Waldviertel beer has an excellent reputation among aficionados – in Austria and in other countries. The Waldviertel brewers are proud of this reputation and know exactly how it came about.

The reasons for this grand amber nectar from Waldviertel breweries are a long brewing tradition extending far into the past, clean and crystal-clear water and ideal growing conditions for the basic ingredients: hops and brewing barley.

Hops, sometimes called the "soul of beer", has been grown in the Waldviertel since the Middle Ages. Frederick the Fair, King of Germany, granted the city of Weitra brewing rights back in 1321, giving it the distinction of being the oldest brewing center in Austria. The Waldviertel continues to be inspirited with the best in the art of brewing in the 21st century thanks to Privatbrauerei Zwettl. This traditional family-run private brewery has been producing the best in quality Waldviertel beers since 1708. It uses 100% Waldviertel hops, which is a 100% guarantee for splendid tasting beer. The best in the Waldviertel art of brewing is also evident from the beers brewed by the Schremser Brauerei.