Waldviertel Kriecherl

The yellow pearl of Waldviertel cuisine

There is seldom this much human culinary history packed into a jar of jam, a syrup or a fine brandy: Human beings have loved the taste of kriecherl for 6000 years.

The historical and geographic roots of this cultivar extend far into the past but the Waldviertel is the first place this yellowish-green skinned plum (Prunus domestica subsp. insititia) has reached its status as a unique international specialty. It has adapted well to the higher elevation and shorter vegetation period and fully develops its typically sweet, delightfully sour taste here. Over time, it has become a genuine Waldviertel specialty.

Care and a good deal of manual labor go into producing the Waldviertel kriecherl. Harvesting these small fruits is an arduous and time-consuming task and they do not keep long. It therefore takes great skill to process the pulp. That is why kriecherl are in the best of hands with Waldviertel farmers, restauranteurs and producers. The proof is in the jams, juices, fine brandies, liqueurs etc. featuring these delightful plums.