The major nature and hiking adventure in the southern Waldviertel

Ysperklamm is a ravine landscape that has been a natural monument since 1952. It offers the natural spectacle of crystal-clear water rushing over high cliffs and through narrow ravines, imposing waterfalls and incredible rock formations.

The Grosse Ysper is a river that has its source above the ravine in Weinsbergerwald and flows through this forest for a distance of nearly 2 km. Like many other bodies of water in the Waldviertel the water in the Ysperklamm is slightly brown in color especially after a heavy rain. That is because of the high concentration of iron in the soil.

The Ysperklamm is the largest and most scenic ravine in Lower Austria and offers a special hiking experience. Well-secured bridges, staircases, wooden walkways or steps make the approximately one-hour ascent of the Ysperklamm Hiking Trail easier and take you through the characteristically narrow ravines past a number of waterfalls large and small. You experience this thunderous natural spectacle up close and can freshen up and cool off wonderfully at the small areas of shallow water along the trail.

Gasthof Forellenhof is the country inn where the Ysperklamm hike starts. After ascending to the Ödteich, a pond formerly created to float logs, you pass a lovely interplay of the elements water, woods and rocks. Then you arrive at a scenic lookout point with a view of the tranquil and peaceful ravine. On the descent, you either go back on the same trail you came up on or follow the Druid Trail, which is a direct continuation of the Ysperklamm Trail. This trail invites you to explore ancient and mysterious stone arrangements such as the “Grand Cup”, the “Sitting Dog” or the “Stone Circle” (Druid meeting place). In the middle of the ravine is the “Rote Reithbrücke.” This path enables an easy descent in between.