Zwettl Abbey gardens

Zwettl Abbey gardens: a place of tranquility and rest.

Within the Zwettl Abbey gardens, the monks long ago started to create places reminiscent of paradise. The gardens remain a joy to behold today, inviting visitors to linger and enjoy the tranquility.

Since the early 17th century, the gardens at Zwettl Abbey have gradually evolved to fit whatever the taste of the times happened to be. Since 2006, these quiet oases have been open not only to monks but to all abbey visitors.

The Cross Garden, which visitors can see on a tour of the monastery, symbolizes the seven days of creation planted according to Goethe’s color theory. The Linden and Abbey courtyard gardens are freely accessible at any time, as are the Upper and Lower Prelate gardens. Also worth seeing are the terraced gardens, a Hildegard von Bingen garden, a Blessed Virgin garden, a herbarium, the Gardens of Life and the snack garden.