SONNENTOR Herb-Senses-Experience

Close your eyes and imagine yourself into the Waldviertel. It is in the tranquil north of Austria, where we blend only the best quality herbs for your tea. Fragrant waves of delicate leaves and blossoms go into your cup and give you a relaxing, natural freshness and let you experience the wonders of nature.

From the herb garden to the tea bag:

On this tour you will meet lots and lots of busy hands. Our staff members receive and process the raw materials from our organic farmers and make sure they are stored in the right conditions. Diligent ladies pack and label most of our products by hand and send them to our customers all around the world.

You will be accompanied by an unforgettable fragrance of herbs and spices.

While you sample our tea and coffee specialities and delicious organic snacks, we will show you a video presentation about our philosophy, development and history, as well as innovations and future concepts.

Enjoy SONNENTOR with all your senses!

Location and how to get there